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World Wide Brands Competition ( World Cleaner )

a startup idea shared by Óscar Macedo on 05/17/2016

For Image propose only.
Gain points and social gratitude for Nature and Human care propose.
Users make a video stream of their actions, and other approve or deny their actions.
Action are focus only in helping people, animals and nature itself.
When helping people or animals players gain personal and social characteristics to his/her profile.
When helping Nature ( by cleaning garbage ) users gain points per object taken from place as they need to declare how many for other users approve counting them too.
All brands need to include all employ's to make their actions.
The more actions are approved the more higher company will be in the list Ranking of this world wide competition for Nature and Life Care image propose only.

, android, animals, Care, civic, competition, gratitude, image, iOS, merit, nature, people, reputation, social, status

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You are included in Our Eternal License !
11 months ago
by Anonymous
192.168 ll 29 months ago
by Anonymous
World Wide Brands License 35 months ago
by Anonymous
World Wide Brands Competition Details
I am there same person... but I duplicate my self :D
35 months ago
by Anonymous

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