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What Went Wrong

a startup idea shared by K on 05/03/2019

App will report anything that went wrong in a locality / region It require 1) Map location / GPS location 2) Location Search 3) Category of Problem ( General, Govt , Trade , Education , Health , fanatics etc) 4) Sub category of Problem ( Based on Category) 5) Brief Description of Problem Where App user can post problems face. And Finally an Overall Statistical View of all Types of problem in a region. It should help all Govt to find the areas & exact problems in a particular region/locality. (If Not)... It would help user to avoid such areas/ regions and take proactive steps .

went wrong locality GPS Location Statistical View region proactive steps

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Vaneet Kaushal Application design and development Chandigarh
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Syed Zakriya Android App developer India (Bengaluru)
Anand Rochlani Full Stack Developer Hyderabad
nidhi chaudhary Android Developer Jaipur
bandar ceme online Marketing Idnonesia
Moustafa Wehbe Software Developer Lebanon
lisa velvo Customer Services Provider United States
Checco Borrelli Software Engineer Italy

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