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What can I wear tonight?

a startup idea shared by Anna Del Prete on 06/11/2015

Every woman knows how difficult is finding something that fits well, models are perfect, no matter what they wear, but reality is different, every woman has a different body, shape, weight and height, so my idea is to allow real woman to be the MODELS, building a social app where I can say "Oh my God, I am going to Shard tonight, what can I wear??" and I can specify my weight, shape, height, preferred color and style, how much I want to spend and other woman with my same body can show me pictures of themselves of what they would wear, how much they spent, where they bought that stuff!




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vivek singh Project Management and development India
Naina Bhootda personal fashion consultant Indore,madhya pradesh ( india)
Parth Patel Software Engineer at Vagaro Inc. Ahmedabad

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