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Weekly social media report for small businesses

a startup idea shared by Kristian Polso on 03/29/2017

An email is sent to you, the business owner, once a week. This report includes the following information: - Facebook: number of mentions, check-ins, reviews and likes on FB business page this week - Instagram: number of check-ins, mentions and followers this week - Twitter: number of mentions and followers this week - Information how the data compares to past week ("You gained +5 Likes this week") The idea came from the Instagram function where you can check-in to places. I am not sure if all small business owners realize that this page and data exists. I think this data can be really valuable, but I understand that business owners are busy, so a quick, weekly recap email might make sense. You can register to the service to link your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. There would be also be a simple login system so you can see the data as it's been gathered that week. In the report you can also quickly view the top post (for example, of all the check-ins in Instagram you get that week, we show the one with most likes). Also there is a link to view all the posts.




social media


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