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Web Development Team Creator

a startup idea shared by Raul Ivan Garcia Valdivia on 11/12/2012

You are a developer, but you don't have web design skills, or you could be a web designer but you don't know much about web programming. Maybe you and your partners are a great technical team but you don't have sales.

I think its time to have a tool where you can create or join a Web Development Team.

This will be an online tool for to create or join web development companies. You can upload a video resume of 2 Minute duration , one minute for talking about your who you are and what you are looking for (here you will show your english level) and the other minute to talk about your skill set, and job experience. An example could be :

1) Branchcore Web Team has 1 Web PHP Developer(Colorado), 2 Web Designers (Japan) and 1 sales representative(California).

2) SmarChunk Web Team has 1 Rails Developer(UK), 1 Python Developer(Mexico), 1 Web Designer(New England), 1 IT Manager/Sales(California).

The goal is to create a truly great web development company.

collaboration, entrepreneur, online ideas, web design, web development

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Agence Web Maroc,création site web,E-commerce,seo
Agence Web Maroc:création site web,E-commerce,Marketing Digital,SEO,Hébergement Web
2 months ago
by Anonymous
Design Direct 10 months ago
by Anonymous
web design platform 14 months ago
by Anonymous
Web Light Infotech 17 months ago
by Anonymous
Barnamejoo 37 months ago
by Anonymous
I need project to work.
I have greet developer team, We are ready to develop new Software projects in all are the world.
49 months ago
by Dinesh Raja
Programmer Meet Designer
Nice site!
82 months ago
by Raul Ivan Garcia Valdivia
Build It With Me
Simply pitch an idea, if others are interested, they'll join.
82 months ago
by Anonymous

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