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Web application for finding team

a startup idea shared by Marko B on 11/29/2014

This is web application which will be used for local competition in informatics. After the competition I would love to improve the application and make it usable for the general public. This web application would work this way: everyone can register and make a profile on it. You can state your personal information and projects you would like to work on as well as projects you have already finished. People can look over your projects and contact you about working on a specific project, give you some advice, even donations. After every succesful project, we would make sure that it gets to the market easily. I guess someone could help me with this :)






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Jan Toman Designer/Developer Prague, Czech republic
Bryttanie House Data Architect VA, USA
Amory Willekens Developer France
Ryan Conley Front End developer/Engineer Boston, MA USA
Orkhan.J Investor Azerbaijan, Hungary
Niels Achimo Developer Mozambique
S Venu Madhav Chitta Back end Developer Logan, UT, USA
Fábio Silva Developer Portugal
Ted Hive Software Developer Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
سهیل شیری Front-end Web Developer Tehran, Iran
Mir PublishingLlc Developer Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA
Sanni Yëttïë Software Developer Lagos, Nigeria
Tristan Crowson Front End Developer Waco, TX, USA
Jatin Balodhi Web Developer India
Sourabh Siddhu Web Developer New Delhi
محمود ياسر web developer Cairo Egypt
SajanKumar Vijayan Front End Developer India
Danche Nikoloska Junior PHP (Laravel) Developer Skopje, Macedonia
Sherwin Lagumen Full Stack Developer Philippines

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