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waiting app for hospitals

a startup idea shared by Farida Kanwal on 03/28/2016

Going to visit a doctor and waiting for turn is more painful than actual pain which we are already suffering! I am planning to build a waiting app for hospital where patients can book their appointment apart from booking the secret sauce of app is to check out the number of people in waiting and the remaining time left for my turn to visit a doctor we can check any where any time people i want your suggestions and I want investors too thank you



health care




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Ashish Adavatiya Idea development and execution Ahmedabad, India
raviteja reddy idea developement pune
Satheesh Viswanathan Idea development Bangalore, India
Nils Garland iOS Developer Sweden
Raviteja reddy Web Developer United States
Ronak Sakhuja Android Developer New Delhi(India)
Ezhil Vani Finance Director of Esolutions Webbers Kuala Lumpur
Venkat M Business Development India
Syed Quasim Front end developer mumbai
Mohammed Hicham Backend dev Morocco
Abe Beh idea development, regional execution Malaysia
Faiz Ur Rehman Awan Software Developer Hyderabad, Pakistan
DShah Technical lead India

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