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VOIZR - A social network for voices

a startup idea shared by Ryan on 11/22/2013

There are thousands of articles all over the internet that are uploaded daily. Sometimes people don't have the time or undivided attention to read all the new information. So instead of having the user read the article, there can be an option to stream an audio recording of the clip. In addition to the share buttons on article pages, there can be a voizr button for an audio recording for the article. The recordings will be made by people on the network who would like to share their voice and every article would have multiple voices for the user to choose from. Article authors could have a list of voice talent they use consistently or have their own voice talent added to a favourites list. There could even be monetization set up with audio ads like on the radio which could be split with the voice talent. An app for mobile phones could also have a listen later option to download the clip and listen offline anytime.







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Piyush Tiwari Android App developer India
Romaric KOUYE Android app developer Benin
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