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Ripu Mahesh wants to realize this 47 months ago
Kevin Figueroa shared this idea 51 months ago

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Userfriendly nose bugger remover

a startup idea shared by Kevin Figueroa on 06/29/2015

As humans beings we inhale and exhale on a daily basis. In the morning we shower and try cleaning up ourselves. Still throughout the day we inhale and exhale. There are always moments were we feel akward when we have wet or dry nose buggers in our noses. Some have to go to the toilet or a distant space or some do it on the spot with either a tissue or their fingers. How can we eleminate this issue and save up time. I have thought about an idea of designing an easy insertable yet still very comfortable nose net which holds all the dust and bad things in the air by the press of your nose can easily be removed. With this system your nose can remain clean, can easily be cleaned, and you avoid the akwardness of pulling boogers out of your nose. Also it protects you from germs and bacteria that may come from those who cough and sneeze. It is userfriendly, easy to insert and remove. Feels very comfortable in the nose. And last but not least unnotticable. I am looking for a developer who can listen to my idea and launch it on the market.

, clean, health, Nose

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