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Paule Müller shared this idea 9 years ago

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Urban Role Play: Project Chaos

a startup idea shared by Paule Müller on 10/31/2012

Urban Role Play: Project Chaos Most people long for entertainment, even more so in the real world, as most of them spend nearly all their day in front of a computer. Furthermore people want to belong, get to know people and not be isolated. Project Chaos (name stolen from Fight club) can deliver right that: Its an offline role play between groups, trying to win parts of the city. Every registered user (of all parties) gets to know a task at a specific time, say every Sunday at noon. It could vary from having people form the biggest smiley on a square, to first find the house with the number Pi sprayed on it, to whatever on can image and is legal. Who wins gets a part of the city shown on the site. A maximum of organization should be left to the groups, whether they act as a loose network or as structured units. Tasks should be shaped to encourage the group formation, so that the social factor pay off. Membership would cost a small monthly fee which would encourage people to join as many events as they can.






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