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UnSeeIt, Real Life Eternal Sunshine

a startup idea shared by Mike Simon . Connex.Us on 05/15/2012

Based on a 2007 Time Magazine article recounting a 1997 incident during a surgery, it is possible to remove recently experienced memories. (,8599,1671492,00.html?cnn=yes) Have you ever heard the phrase "you can't unsee that"? It's true. There are some things you see that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. Some things are great: the birth of a child, your graduation from college, getting a promotion. Some are things you never want to remember: someone's death, a terrible truth you didn't want to hear. What if everyone could be prescribed a pill that let them forget the past few minutes. Whatever it was would disappear forever. In effect, they could unsee or unhear one event. It would be an emotional "day after pill" that could unscar someone who would otherwise be affected for the rest of their life. Such a thing might change the mental health of the entire world.



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