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Stanley shared this idea 8 years ago

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University Entrepreneurship benchmarking

a startup idea shared by Stanley on 04/14/2015

My idea is to develop a data drive platform where relational data on spinoffs emerging from the academic sector are systematically collected, discussed and analyzed. The collected data will be used to rank or benchmark each university within the European Union according sectors, number of spinoffs from 2000 to date. The relational data will also be used to construct a living social network analysis of the partnership network which will help shed light on the co-evolution of actors and the structure of the respective university networks. This idea will appeal to venture capitalist who will find it easy to simply come to the platform to hunt for the next big spinoff to invest in. It also appeals to public officials who may use our data a tool to determine how each country University system is faring when it comes to creating new innovative companies. It will also appeal to innovation researchers who for the first time will have access to comparative data on University entrepreneurial activities. One important aspect of our data collection effort will be Crunch base which is one of the largest collections of startups, their founders, their funding rounds, acquisitions, IPOs etc.


Social Network analysis

University Entrepreneurship

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