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Universal web database

a startup idea shared by pavelgardavsky on 08/06/2012

Problem No. 1: Imagine that you are movie fan. You know a lot about them and want to share your experience. What will you use? etc.? Too open and overload with ads... You are lookin' for some solution but you are IT user not expert…

Problem No. 2: Imagine that you are jazz music lover. Jazz is about: musicians, groups, cds, tracks, concerts, places. You want to store somewhere your experience. You need some web database which you can define, modify, fill-in through web user-friendly interfaces. What will you use? google freebase? wiki?…

Problem No. 3: Imagine that you are teacher and you ask your students to collect information about solar energy: technologies, companies, products, persons, events etc. From various sources. You need perfectly categorize and classify all the stuff an present it. What tool will you use?

So the idea is something like universal web database, where even greenhorn (not IT guy) can easily create web database for real problems, easily collect data and present them. To solve all 3 above mentioned problems (and much more) with one web based tool … Nothing like this in this world driven by Google, Facebook, Apple and other big names…

categorization, classification, keywords, knowledge work, online ideas, ontology

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Wikidata is a database trying to connect all kinds of data
9 months ago
by Anonymous
Google Knowledge Graph
Google is kind of what you're talking about
32 months ago
by Anonymous
The internet
Brilliant idea. Unfortunately this exists. It's called the Internet
65 months ago
by Anonymous
A community-curated database of well-known people, places, and things
76 months ago
by Gennady Kovshenin
LibreOffice Base 76 months ago
by Gennady Kovshenin
83 months ago
by Anonymous
IMDB API 85 months ago
by Michael Minter

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