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united world

a startup idea shared by Sasidhar Reddy on 09/30/2018

which business has consistent growth ? stable operation structure ? secure returns ? and a compelling target to achieve more ? it is undoubtedly the import export business. it is one of the most stable industries in the world. there is no country which is neither importing nor exporting. i have a unique plan to benefit the energetic and motivated youth. lets create a network of motivated youth from different universities around the world working together in global trading industry. we take the support from the university for the office and basic eminities in return the university gets a share in our local unit.. the youth runs our local unit and gets a hands on experience in the business world which ads lot of value to them. every unit in each country employe a team for marketing and exporting. and of course we make money. we can do this only with collective approach. guys lets come together to realise this


youth in business

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