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a startup idea shared by Mingsheng Wang on 08/23/2012

I was reading story recently; basically it turns everyone into a taxi driver. I was thinking of this idea, the core elements are: (a) a guy with a skill of driving and a car, (b)customer who needs this skill, (c) aggregate all of ‘a’ and ‘b’ in one platform.

As you are the entrepreneur in mind, a great idea can use in the similar but different market. Then, I was thinking of a mom cooking for your dinner model. Here is the idea.

Problem: You all agree that for busy career women, it’s really hard to prepare dinner after work. There are problems and entrepreneurs are aiming to solve.

Solution: There are already many mom who are preparing for their kids dinner. Why not just cook additional more for the customer?
a. For people who are already preparing for their home dinner. In other word, anyone who can cook, they can come to this (example). The site will show case the nicely photo of the dishes each chef served (like
b. Career women can just go to the web, order prefer dinner cooking. Pick up the dinner of the chief’s home in the evening, and enjoy a home cooking meal.

airbnb, chef, cooking, mom, online ideas, sharing

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Why it is the perfect time to develop a dating app business online?
9 months ago
by Anonymous
maman paz means mom's prepared food 26 months ago
by Anonymous
android app similar to this
33 months ago
by Anonymous
Plate Culture
Chiefs can host other people in their homes
56 months ago
by Anonymous 57 months ago
by Anonymous
People can sell meals at there homes, and people can find home meals to go to.
84 months ago
by Anonymous
English home take away
85 months ago
by Anonymous
Thuisafgehaald (Dutch for Home Take Away)
In the Netherlands recently a similar site has been launched.
87 months ago
by Anonymous

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