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Anonymous shared this idea 4 years ago

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Uber like app for trucks trailers.

a startup idea shared by Anonymous on 01/11/2018

Modern day truck transport is bound with many laws witch make it slow.<br>But the laws apply only to drivers, not the cargo. When driver is taking brake the whole truck and trailer is out of use.<br>Every trailer could be pulled by every truck.<br>So if every trailer could be disconected from truck witch run out of worktime and connected to fresh truck, i could travel much faster. Without any long stops on the way.<br>So if every trailer and truck driver would be in the uber like system, free trucks could find trailers in need to be pulled to shipment adres. If truck driver ran out of working time he could leave the trailer on the parking lot and drive home or to the hotel with his truck.<br>When the trailer reaches destination it could be left in logistic center and manuvered by old truck or agriculture tractor.<br>Everything is ready for this solution. We have hardware, we can create apps, even parking lots by the highways allow for changing trailers.




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