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Uber for Shopping

a startup idea shared by QuantumNardi on 04/06/2016

Most of us don&apos;t want to go shopping but we also don&apos;t want to die. Although there are services from stores, like Walmart, to deliver your online shop cart, but it&apos;s not as popularized because of the many limitations it faces. And regular online shopping takes too much time for most groceries.<br><br>So what if we have a service where people use their car to buy your shopping list, then they can scan the receipt, and the services puts hold on the user&apos;s account for that amount, when the user confirms receiving the items, money is withdrawn and the shopper and this startup will split the income. <br><br>&gt; What problem is this startup solving?<br>The pain of shopping. Either you don&apos;t have time or don&apos;t want to go shopping.<br><br>Will need:<br>Marketing people <br>Web developers <br>Backend developers <br>QA<br>Graphics designers <br>Mobile app developers and really anyone else interested <br><br>&gt; Who will benefit?<br>People who can&apos;t shop because of physical limitations. People who hate shopping. People who want to shop but don&apos;t have the time.<br><br>&gt; When is it a success?<br>When everyone who doesn&apos;t want to shop, doesn&apos;t go shopping.<br><br>Thoughts? <br>








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