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a startup idea shared by Neeraj Singh on 08/11/2015

In India we have huge amount of commercial vehicles operates in India. All this transport segment is unorganized and operates on phone and verbal communication. Lets say a Truck operating between Jalandhar(punjab) and Banglore( karnatak). The truck leaves with corn loaded on it reaches Banglore in 3 to 4 days. Unloads there and then the struggle starts. The truck owner calls to all his links in Banglore just to ensure that his truck does not have to come empty. This process consumes 2 to 3 days and also he gets load to return back which does not pays him what he expects. Also he may some times have to change his routes etc. Same problem is faced by the guy who have transport his goods to some place. Sometimes he is charged more, sometimes he have alter his plans etc. because the transporters does offers him right time,price etc. What I offer an application which will serve both the transporter and guy who wants shift his goods. It could be bidding place for both the transporter and guy who wants his goods to be shifted. This will ensure both the party serves each other needs at right time and at right price. We need to market our app to both the parties and prepare our database.

Tranport service to all parties.

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Sachin Yadav I can code the website Gurgaon
Pradeep Singla Provide marketing inputs for this good idea. Noida
Monu Kumar Web developer and marketing Jaipur
anoop vashistha I was having exactly same idea since long.. Bangalore
Ashish Adavatiya Idea development Ahmedabad, India
Nitish Gulati As a partner Delhi
Rohit Makhija lot of experience of transport business. Nagpur

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