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Travel based social platform

a startup idea shared by Dennis on 11/20/2012

There are literally hundreds of social networking sites out there. But only a handful are travel based, and even fewer of them are active and progressing sites. The idea is to have a creative travel based social networking site, both in web platform, mobile as well as plugins and extensive to other platform. And how it is going to stand out in an ocean of competition with endless unpredictable waves... will largely based on how unique and useful the features it will have. These are some of the planned features, interactive maps, itinerary recommendation, photo and video based on location, discount coupons, accommodation review and sharing, must try, meet friends, member check-in location display and etc. Possible revenue stream via advertising, subscription and commission.


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social site


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Phương Võ Deveoper Viet Nam
Nicholas Kushnaruk Creative Director Ukraine, Russia
Mirela Jusupovich developer: can help Balkans, Adriatic sea area US, Croatia, Bosnia
James Dos Santos Entrepreneur, Talent Acquisition Specialist USA/Algeria
ore ohimor Legal advice, Training and Launch in Nigeria Nigeria
Pranay Pardessi Developer India
Ganesh Dabhade developer India
Burfi Consulting Software Architecture Bangalore, India

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