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Ryan Schumacher is watching this 7 years ago
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Thoma Ryan wants to realize this 7 years ago
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Train Manager Game

a startup idea shared by PVTD on 03/27/2015

I wish to have a game developed for phones and maybe facebook.<br>We spend a lot of time on our toilets, and our smartphones are the number one most liked item when on the potty.<br><br>The train manager is a game where you start off with a small 1 train business, make it roll and gain profit, buying more trains and expanding your company.<br><br>It has no fancy coins or visual performances that slow down the loading and battery life. It&apos;s plain text with a nice GUI.<br><br>I can design the artwork, GUI mostly myself, and do the research behind the game, but I lack a pair of hands to actually make it work :) Make sure to comment and share info!










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Thoma Ryan coder indonesia
Ryan Schumacher coder (swift) United States of America
Maycon Gregorio Java developer Brazil
Mir PublishingLlc Developer Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA

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