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Traffic MOB

a startup idea shared by Bong Quijada on 03/12/2018

PROBLEM : There are many traffic monitoring but it cost a lot especially in labor or either a camera just to send updates about the status of the traffic. Drivers wants to access a real time traffic monitoring in their app in easiest and fun way.<br><br>Solution : Traffic MOB is the solution. Every drivers has an account to send update if his location is traffic , not traffic, collision of both vehicles. There are only 3 buttons. GPS is activated so that the application itself can identify where hes actual location.<br><br>What if he will send and he&apos;s on her/his home? The app is activated if his on the road. Just try to think POKEMON GO. <br><br>If he is lazy to send report? In order for him to login or view the status of the traffic, he must vote or send (whether of the three buttons).<br><br>If there is many people who will interact and join the application, many reports will be gathered and the app can make a OVERALL Status wether that area is traffic or not.


Information technology




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