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Todoo - search for local events or things to do!

a startup idea shared by H kn on 11/21/2013

a long weekend is approaching but you have no idea how to spend it? Anniversary coming up and you still aren't sure what to do? Fret not. Todoo makes holiday planning quick and easy! Todoo lists out all the events and attractions in your city. From concerts to food fairs; from restaurants to theatre performances; from film festivals to art exhibitions...everything you need to know about what's happening in the city is at your fingertips. Search events by date, ratings, popularity. Share an event with friends and send out invitations. Check out what's trending right now or rate an event you have been to. Todoo is a guide you will find yourself using every week and one of the most useful apps you will ever use! If you are interested in cofounding, our door is always open!









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mcdapps mc funding and design netherlands
yasir adnan Android Developer Dhaka,Bangladesh
Marilu Design & Social Media Florida
Yong Yun Jing Web Developer and Designer Singapore
Pedro Nápoles Algorithm Developer & Public Relation Portugal
maya vardi Quality assurance Israel
Hussein Abdi Business development in the EU Netherlands
Rohit Kumar Backend, Algorithm and web developer United states of America
Fauzan Rofiq web engineering Indonesia
Stylianos Sevdalis Software engineer Australia
August Wilhjelm Investor/promoting Scandinavia/Denmark
Amisha Paymaster Business Developer/Marketing San Francisco, CA
Ryan Showalter Research United States of America
Markov Blanket Web/Android Developer Philippines
Mustafa Çelik Cofounder in Turkey istanbul , TURKEY.
Paul Nonso cofounder. web developer and app builder cyprus
Manisha Parmar Developer (iOS) Melbourne, Australia
dhruv agarwal promotion and marketing hyderabad , banglore india
Lakshmi Narayanan TESTING Chennai

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