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Gopal Narayanan shared this idea 2 years ago

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TN poor students

a startup idea shared by Gopal Narayanan on 03/13/2017

Many children are discontinue their studies due to poverty.My app will be a useful tool to Erase the problem. The donators ( Students,Employees and whoever wish to help the children) are connected with my app through individual accounts ( Using Mobile Numbers ) . The teachers of the poor children also connected with the app.The poor children are registered with app through their Teachers via their fingure prints for security purposes.Through the app the donators can donate money to the the teachers via Payam,freecharge,debit card etc. I will create a Store which provides Money to the children .Finally the poor children can redeem their money using their fingure prints at the store .I was already start to develop the app. Thank u for reading my App idea ?

TN Poor Children

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