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Time Travel Computer Version

a startup idea shared by Dray Crouse on 01/08/2016

Are you tired of this "Dude!!! you clicked on the wrong thing!!" in the messenger's bag? well this is my idea, TimeTravel.exe It is a app that allows you to time travel, say you was goofing off, and you needed work done, after you goof off, you can right click the paper icon in the system tray, click on go back, type in a time you want to go back, then a new cursor appears, doing the same things you was doing, then the "other" cursor (you from the future) does everything for the goofer (You from the past), the files will be saved, and when you right click the paper icon again there's a new button "Go Back" One click and you're back to your normal time, with the files from the past you made saved into the normal time period, Sounds good right? well how about 3 cursors, you do 3 seconds of random cursor movement, go back 5 seconds, second cursor appears, you do more random cursor movement with you from the past, then you Go back 5 seconds once again, a second and third cursor appears, you do more random cursor movement with you from 10 seconds past, and you from 5 seconds past! Sounds Awesome? Right?




Time Travel

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