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themed tourism

a startup idea shared by Saravana Prasad on 05/27/2014

Tourism is a Huge industry these days, and people are willing to shell out big bucks for their vacations, so i came up with the idea of themed tourism, for instance, suppose a person chooses a village package, then he/she will be driven to an authentic village and made to live like a villager for the next few days, eating what they eat, working in the fields etc, and similarly, if a person chooses the royal package, he/she' ll be taken to a palace in rajasthan for their stay, and will be treated like a monarch,(of course that would cost much more. we can hire hosts such as people among the local population in the particular vacation spot to take care of things. this is just a vauge idea, need a lot of improvement

themed tourism



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Archak Pal research places kolkata
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