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Thematic search engine

a startup idea shared by Simo Che on 03/18/2015

Internet search engine works with keywords. If you ignore the appropriate keyword you will never find the appropriate infirmation. If you don't know exactly what you are looking for you will not get relevant resault. We don't "surf" anymore on internet, trying to learn or discover new things, we unfortunately always go on the same 5-6 websites which have a monopoly of the knowledge. The idea in to develop a graphicaly nice search engine by thematic. Like our old encyclopedia. The possibility to surf by theme and sub theme. For example a graphic representation of big repertories such as: Science, Art, Sociologie, Media, News, Medecine, Litterature, Musique, Biology, Cosmologie, Nature, Environnement, Education, Technologie, Fashion... and then sub repertories until the best websites about the subject. Web site rank by the quality of their content. What do you think ? Best regards


search engine



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