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The product introducer

a startup idea shared by Dennis on 11/20/2012

Looking for a team of creative people to work with this crazy business idea of mine. Basically, every few months, we look for a viable creative product to sell. Probably product from China that we can arrange for dropshipping and maybe under OEM branding, depending on how the business evolves. What we will do is, depending on the product we have selected, we may be repackaging it to make it more presentable, we will create website, build a web presence, create hype, and do SEO to promote it. Then after 3 months (or on a period we agree on), we will just let the product grows organically and we will move on to another new product. The objective is to have a team and ultimately a solid business that constantly look for potential products be to resell and make profit from it.






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Adil Hussein Product manager London
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Jacqueline Young Graphic Design, E-Commerce Management, Marketing United States
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