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Pablo Morán shared this idea 5 years ago

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Technological Advances for Basketball Courts

a startup idea shared by Pablo Morán on 11/01/2016

As a basketball fan, I have always considered the great difficulty faced by referees by the multiple types of calls: fouls, travelling, stepping on the different court lines... Because of this, I was thinking if there would be any method to control those calls related to stepping on the line: turnovers on baseline/sidelines, backcourt violations, 3-second zone calls and any other similar calls that could be avoided with, for example, pressure sensors under the court. In this case, the signal would be processed and sent to the referees via watches, which would show directly the correct call and the player involved. It could be interesting to think about already-existing technologies like the falcon eye, which could also work in some way in this case. As an extra idea, I found the possibility of combining this concept with the LED court:



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