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Task Crowdsourcing intern / extern + HR evaluation

a startup idea shared by Lukáš Strniště on 12/23/2011

Two problems: 1. Many companies face the problem that the expertize of their employees is not communicated internally very well, which can in turn lead to the more effort that has to be done instead of a good expert advice. 2. Employees of the innovative companies do not have clearly stated goals for their annual development and contribution to the overall performance of the company. Solution: 3rd party platform for internal / external task outsourcing (within the area of expertise of the particular employee) bundled with the evaluation of the tasks done outside the area of standard responsibilities as one of the attributes for the HR-performence evaluation.

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Lukáš Strniště Idea Development / PM Germany / Czech Republic
fokot Idea developer, SW developer Bratislava, Slovakia
Armando Miani Backend (API) Developer Brazil
Ezekiel Srikanth Idea Development/Domain expertise India

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