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Erik Engedal Christensen shared this idea 2 years ago

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Synchronized brakes

a startup idea shared by Erik Engedal Christensen on 01/29/2019

Synchronizing brakes in vehicles on highways in particular is beneficial in regards to traffic safety. <br><br>Many accidents happens on highway because of drivers losing control of their vehicles, egotistic driving habits and being unable to brake in time. The latter is due to the response time from our brain to notice the accident or the other driving ahead of them, to the foot stepping on the brakes.<br><br>Synchronized brakes is a inter/intraconnection module connected to the brakes and the drivers behind you. This of course only functions if both or more drivers have this device. When the first driver notices an accident or traffic jams ahead, they will be the first to respond and instead of a delayed response from drivers behind them, this device will connect to the other drivers in a lane and when they are within a certain distance, it will activate the brakes if the driver ahead brakes. <br><br>This device is intended to reduce collision on highway due to distracted drivers or/and delayed reaction.<br><br>There are some ethical matters to address and some issues like unnecesary and excessive braking which allows the device to become a hassle and or a harassment. This is not desirable.


delayed reaction time






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