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Supcomputer Accessibility

a startup idea shared by timmy philip on 09/23/2012

A MIT professor was able to build a supercomputer using 8 playstations and OS software. The total cost is $2600. It costs $5,000 to use a supercomputer once. With that in mind and knowing that the key to US economic growth depends firmly on knowledge, wouldn't this be a great idea to market this as a prime business opportunity? I mean big players like IBM are trying to make this a reality in the future by making their expensive supercomputers available to small and medium enterprises. By being able to bring down costs considerably using 8 playstations, we could bring down costs considerably to use and still make profit. But instead of focusing only on small and medium business, get college students and professionals involved (young/old ppl have great ideas that are never tested in the real world for a variety of reasons). So, build a supercomputer using this prof.'s expertise, develop the software around it and center it initially in 6 state universities strategically located across the country. The reason I chose state universities is that usually they have more than one campus, security and they accomodate a huge number of students. Take SUNY/CUNY for example (word limit).



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