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suicide prevention

a startup idea shared by mingyu kim on 05/25/2013

In these days, we are faced with a lof of many social problems<br>for example, many animals and plants are endangered, growing homeless people, a shortage of food and so on.<br>but, the most signficant problem of them that I thought is &apos;growing of people to commit suicide&apos; the reason why I said like this. &apos; human being &apos; is not only the best rescources on earth but also the only solution to solve these problems mentioned above.<br>so I want to provide the people having a possibilty of commiting suicide with both goods and services to prevent.<br>however it&apos;s not easy to make a business model without any financial help from the government and large company<br>so I really want to share and discuss good business model to solve this issue<br>if you are interest in this issue, please leave a comment or keep in thouch with me by E-mail<br><br><br>

suicide prevention

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