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Guy Tipping shared this idea 7 years ago

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Stress Theory

a startup idea shared by Guy Tipping on 04/09/2015

Depending on the time or century people will suffer stress in a different way now to people that will live on the 31st century. Change has a unique way of changing people's behaviour to adapt to the environment. Examples of this include: technology, social changes, trends, environmental changes, belief changes. The fear of missing out makes humans extend their minds in a way that will suit and be accepted into society. Humans have stress because we are hard wired like that to achieve everything at once that is why the human mind can't cope and takes alot of time to process information. The mind is naturally made to survive and adapt a bit but with so many changes happening all the time. The mind can't keep up with itself leading your mind to release a stress hormone to adapt to the situation or if it's too hard it will simulate your body to not function properly resulting in fatigue and even in worst cases mental disordes. Stress is needed to get things done from getting up in the morning to reaching a major deadline in your job. Without stress, we wouldn't be able to cope with changing situations. Human motivation would just be elimated to any sort of work we do.




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