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Storyteller App

a startup idea shared by Upasana on 11/16/2014

Connecting people to create and come up with stories from across the globe. Everyone is a storyteller. A story is started by a person in the main storyboard and other members of the app can add their story lines in order to continue the story. The catch is, only 50 words allowed per user. Stories of different genres will be present and one story of maximum 500 words.



mobile app

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CodeHulk Developer WI, USA
Carl Forrest Analytics, Data Viz, Quant marketing, Growth Hack Arlington, VA
Anthony Alaribe Developer Nigeria
David Developer Barcelona, spain
Akshay Gangwar Developer New Delhi, India
B. Mallik Developer, Funding and Marketing London
Mary U Garfield U Up for discussion NY, NY
Cosmina Paul launch in my country: Romania Romania
Ashwin Alaparthi Developer Bangalore, India
Fábio Silva Android developer Portugal
Vineet Parashar Discussion, Launching, Partner Delhi, India
Ani Popova Front-end developer, launch in my country Canada
சந்தோஷ்குமார் காந்தி Andriod Developer San Francisco
Smaran Ns Android Developer | Launcher India | Bangalore |
Mir PublishingLlc Developer Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA
Ajay R Reddy Android Developer India
Mittul Desai Ideator | Market Research | Programmer Hyderabad, India
Rohit Lal Marketing and business development Mumbai, India
Annastatia tracey Narrator Trinidad and Tobago
Marouan El Hajjaji Software developer Morocco
Venkat M Business Development India
Daniel Fragomeli Android Developer Italy
Sparsh Dixit Medical student India
Asheesh Pande Story finder, android developer, storyteller India

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