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Sounds from places

a startup idea shared by Kazunori Seki on 04/09/2012

When I look at a map at home, I want to hear some sounds which represent the place, and then look around to listen to. On the other hand, when I go to places like huge mall or public spaces, I want to hear some personalized selective sounds or announcement lead me to preferable spot. D-land has very simplified one. If geo tagged personal voice assistant like Siri is available, audio guide will be available anywhere other than museum. Acoustic/digital artificial sound source and its personalized arbitration system can be made. Artificial noise on electric vehicle also be included.

online ideas, sounds from places

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A scratch-built wildlife audio monitoring device monitor audio sounds unattended in the wild
11 days ago
by Anonymous
EPF Balance India
EPF Balance India
30 months ago
by Anonymous
Part of DAO crowd sourced proposal, that can be funded from 148MUSD equivalent The DAO pool.
41 months ago
by Kazunori Seki
To hear this music you have to be there. Literally
from TED
63 months ago
by sekisanchi
Music tracks for train passengers to travel on.
66 months ago
by Anonymous
Mobile Tour Apps and Tour App Builder 72 months ago
by Kazunori Seki
The Online iPhone App Builder
Full native features like GPS, Geolocation, Camera, In-app Purchase and more.
72 months ago
by Kazunori Seki
Audio Privacy (2008)
There might be some concerns at shared work place like this one.
72 months ago
by Kazunori Seki free, exclusively-produced audio resource
Launch on Aug.2012
90 months ago
by Anonymous
Everything about "Sound from Places" 91 months ago
by Kazunori Seki
Sound from Places wiki
91 months ago
by Kazunori Seki
Dawn chorus - Mt. Asama
Audio file
91 months ago
by Kazunori Seki
GeoPodcasting 91 months ago
by Kazunori Seki
Acoustic ecology institute/sound scape links 91 months ago
by Kazunori Seki

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