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a startup idea shared by Craig Lappin-Smith on 01/31/2013

A social network similar where people post one thing that they learnt each day. There is a character limit of say 200 on what you can post and it simply comes up in the feed as a speech bubble from that person. People can then vote whether they already knew this, or if it is new to them. Aside from the main feed there will then be a 'leaderboard' of sorts with the most unknown things that people have learnt. to attract customers you could offer financial incentives to those who provide accurate facts that nobody else knows. money could be made from advertising? what else could be added to make people more involved? perhaps the ability to follow up with that person and find out how they learnt it?


social network

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Osny Netto Front-end developer and Webdesigner Florianopolis, Brazil

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