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Software development factory

a startup idea shared by Hugo Morales on 04/15/2019

Insane, but can you imagine if it existed? It takes time and money to develop apps. What if a machine can do if for you, for free!! There are millions of developers around the world who can pitch-in their knowledge for this community web-app. I will not get into all the details but here is the general idea:Using AI, it would be nice to develop a web app which writes code, debugs, QA's itself and learns from its mistakes. Developers can watch what the machine is doing live (and be amazed by what it is doing automatically ) and if "machine" gets stuck at some point, "developer" would come to the rescue, enter "edit mode" and provide the solution in the code, "machine" will learn from it, and hopefully never make it again. Putting it to good use: Say Scott wants a medical/restaurant app, you name it. He goes to the Software Factory site, answers a bunch of questions to help the machine start coding, and then just becomes a spectator of how the desire software gets built, like watching a movie.

It is a crazy idea I know, but hey, thousands of years ago who would've thought we were going to fly, go to space, or have a cell phones with all the features they now have!!

AI, Artificial Intelligence, awesome, Crazy, development, insane, software

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