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Social networking skills tutor for senior citizens

a startup idea shared by innowin on 01/26/2012

One can either make a website which provides easy understandable video tutorials for teaching social networking skills to senior citizens.Or one can have a door to door teaching for senior citizens for teaching them the latest social networking skills, computer skills etc which enable them to catch up with the latest social networking skills and make them occupied and also communicate with their children who are not staying with them.. Many people are unable to discover the world of internet because they are old and lack motivation and drive to learn these skills.A home based tutoring might do the trick.

senior citizens

social networking




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sagar Conceptualization & Strategy India
Alan Howard I want to develop a business around this idea Canberra, Australia
Corneille Towendo I know webdesign, and I'm quite good with PC too Accra, Ghana
Rajat Srivastava Web developer and app developer india

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