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Social Network Community for Schizophrenics

a startup idea shared by DustinD117 on 08/08/2012

Possibly Non-Profit idea. I have the domain and it is a very valuable domain with "schizophrenia" as the only word followed by ".me" Anyways, I would like to collaborate to build a social community for schizophrenic people. I have socialengine software for it and we could use elgg, but it needs the right design, and then I already know a press release company that recently got one of my other projects on Fox News.

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walkie elgg programist Poland
Edgar Ramos I could launch it in my country too. ( Brazil) Brazil
King Yin Yan machine learning, data mining, programming Hong Kong
Alex Craven HTML/CSS/JS/Python Developer and UI/UX Designer South Wales, UK

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