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Smart Shoe

a startup idea shared by Ravi Sundaram on 11/14/2018

CNT infused textile pressure sensor. These piezoresistive sensors are sensitive to wide pressure ranges. One potential application for the CNT infused fabric is to measure forces on people's feet as they walk, run, stand etc. in real time. The CNT layer is just 250 to 750 nanometers thick - about 0.25 to 0.75 percent as thick as a piece of paper - and would only add about a gram of weight to a typical shoe or garment. What's more, the materials used to make the sensor coating are inexpensive and relatively eco-friendly, since they can be processed at room temperature with water as a solvent. Looking for collaborators (electrical engineering, mobile app development, electrical impedance/resistivity tomography etc.) and investors interested in working with us to develop these next generation apparels and shoes.

activity tracking

carbon nanotubes


foot pressure


gait analysis

heat map

heel strike



smart shoes


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