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Smart Doctor

a startup idea shared by Nidhi Khandelwal on 05/28/2017

Given every field of work is commercialized today, one of them is reaching the right expert for medical help in any region or remote area emergency situations. So here is the app to find just the right doctors for every medical field which is recommended by people only after a verification process through minimum of lets say 10 successful stories with a ranking system as well. It would highlight failed stories with details as to why . Another feature would be linking to maps for doctor exact location to make it completely accessible. Doctor information upload could only happen based on successful authentication of user with their experience and details. Example - A family shifts to new place or in remote place during some transit have no knowledge of reliable/good doctors around. Usually they phone relatives and figure out and still may not be sure but have to rely on. But if they search doctors through Smart doctor, options would be just in hand and a reliable one.

Smart Doctor

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