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Simple on-line opinion poll for small business

a startup idea shared by Lei Yao Chang on 08/11/2012

I am looking for cofounders to build up a business/platform to provide a simple on-line opinion poll service for small business/even big companies. I would like to have a platform to collect members who would like to answer questionnaires. We give our members credits for exchanging real money after they finish surveys. If the number of the members is big enough, we could select the members randomly to answer those questionnaires or limit to a specific area or any conditions our customers want. Most of the surveys can be designed on-line automatically and after members send results back, the results can be simply analyzed by system automatically as well. Our customers can get their results sooner than their expectations.



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Sathya Vikram web developer united states of america
Saurabh Sharma Developer, Arch India

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