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Show off argumentative & brainless bloggers

a startup idea shared by Saul Fleischman on 03/28/2012

Is there no blog that you really, really hate? The author(s) is/are brilliant. Their treatment of commenters, their way of writing - it makes you want to punch your monitor, though. Why don't we showcase the most exemplary idiots of the blogosphere in a site where members can:
1. Nominate a "blob," or blogging buffoon for the prestigious "Blow-hard of the Blogosphere award";
2. Submit their own blog for members to (voluntarily - and to score points in our system which acknowledges the "Blog Border Patrol," or perhaps, the "CMS Stasi") critique, since we improve our blogs when we learn what people hate about them;
3. Share screenshots of infamous "blogholes" on our Facebook community page wall."

SKYPE osakasaul if interested, and especially if you know Joomla or .css or have php, MYSQL and oAuth development (backend) experience - and preferably, at least "survival-level" English ability and some experience blogging."

If this project is not for you, but you think I'm as cool as I think of myself, why not say hi in SKYPE anyway; maybe we can team up on another - "less evil" - project? I have them too, and I'll bet you do as well.

blog, blogger, blogging, cms, social media

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