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a startup idea shared by Róbert Battonya on 07/20/2015

I've read on many websites, that the most of the startup ideas will never born, because of many reasons: people are hesitating, they dont have money, they convince themselves that its not a good idea, or people around them convince them to not to start the business. And this is absolutely true, I had sooooooo many ideas in the past year, and I'm sure there was some very good amongst them, but I did not have the money to start it.
I'm sure everybody was in the same situation.
So my idea: to make a website, where people can upload their startup ideas, and sell them. I dont mean just the idea, the uploader will do the rest of the job, everything that can be done without or with less money: write a businness plan, plan everything, even make a logo or a website for example, etc.
And then, people who has the money or the opportunity to make a startup, can buy these almost ready startups, and make them born to life.
This way, people who dont want or cant make a startup, can make money about their ideas, and startuppers can get almost- ready ideas, and they can spare a lots of work.

idea, startup

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18 days ago
by Anonymous
Sell Your Ideas 31 months ago
by Anonymous
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Many people who have brilliant ideas doesn't have the enough capital to start their own start ups
36 months ago
by Anonymous
TV program for Startup companies, budding Entrepreneurs.Register @ +91 7337899401/02
38 months ago
by Mahesh Rao

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