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Selfie Competition

a startup idea shared by Tzvi Berger on 08/01/2014

Find out whose selfies are better. You or your friends






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Ilya Thor Developer Ukraine
Joshua Kidd Developer California
PArk FrankY programmer Kazachstan
Romaric KOUYE Android App Developper (Benin)
Vishal Vernekar Software Developer India
dan Developer Romania
Armaghan R. Khattak ✔ Start-up Consultant Developer/Designer Islamabad, Pakistan
Safwan Khan Marketing & Business Development Islamabad, Pakistan
Adeniji Idris Developer Nigeria
Petter Ingebrigtsen Developer Norway, United states
Magudesh Waran Develope in android Erode
Igor Gaspari launch in my country italy
Dimitris Stavridis Programmer Greece
Karthik Mamillapalli creative Head Hyderabad, India
George Farag Launch in the middle east region Bahrain
Waqar Ul Islam Developer/Marketing Lahore
Tawfik Bouabid Android developer Tunisia
Hub Tier Website Developer Dubai
Ali Wadood Promoter Karachi, Pakistan
Hritik Ranjan Pujhari Android App Developer India
E.Patrick Mugo Developer & Launch in my country Kenya Kenya
Cyrill Kiel Musngi Developer Philippines
Ayeshmantha Lokumudali marketing and biz development launch in sri lanka sri lanka

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