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Selfie Arena: "Let the games begin!"

a startup idea shared by Vedad Mešanović on 02/24/2015

Elite Daily: “Selfie epidemic is upon us” Selfie Arena is competitive photo-sharing platform. Every week, our platform will post a new arena with „Theme of the arena“ (example: LOL, Beauty and the beast, Dangerous Minds, Superhero etc.) and users will need to post selfies that are interpreting the weekly theme. Selfie with the highest number of votes will become the champion of the arena. With funding (supported by investor) we can also include prizes (cash, T-Shirt designed with winners selfie etc.) Users will have the opportunity to: 1. Create their selfie arena profile (become selfie gladiators and gladiatrices) 2. Take and upload creative selfies 3. Use our filters 4. Be part of the arena contests and challenges etc. This is also a great way for brands to engage with customers by sponsoring our arenas (e.g. Theme of the Arena "Nike").. I need developers, co-founders, marketing gurus etc. My role as a co-founder will be tech evangelist, business development, idea brainstorming and raising funds from the investors.











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Vlad Egorov Media Coverage, co-founder, funding, marketing Montreal, Canada
Mir PublishingLlc Developer Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA

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