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School Diary

a startup idea shared by Malik Ehtasham on 11/09/2016

Small kids go to school like pre-schooling, kgs , 1st stander , 2nd and so on. So there parents are always worried about child performances. Now a days most of school system uses DIARY SYSTEM. Where teacher put the home work for the students, parents can read it out and prepare their children home work . Problem is , now a days parents are very busy they don't have such time to checkout the Diary and stuff. So here we are providing our solution. we will develop an app , which can be downloaded by any parents, they can login to the app and see their child dashboard. That dashboard will contain all the information of their child. Some key points are written below. *Today home work. * Yesterday home work status. * Class attendance. * Participant in class. * Child performance by chart. * Online monitoring through CCTV cameras. * Any particular message to parents. * Parents / Teacher feedback. andy many more. These data will be updated by the teacher which will be shown by the parents. This can be used all sort of schooling system.



schooldiary school

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