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safe ride in cab for womens

a startup idea shared by Gundapu Baladitya on 06/23/2016

Providing safe ride for women. For that I would like to start a cab service for women to give the better safety the service is same as all other online cab bookings but the specialty is this cab is only for Ladies and also for Gents who are eligible by having a Lady with them and having the family relation with her. We have a special tracking system in it. "THE DRIVERS IN THE CAB IS ALSO THE LADIES WHO HAVE SOME SELF DEFENSE". The cab contain CCTV cams in it. When the person book the cab we provide a unique code to her and alternative reference number by entering the number in our app we the customer and her referee can see the live update of cab. If any unwanted things happen then the driver or passenger can press a special button in cab by that the GPS can track the car and give the emergency message to service center to the police station and to the referee.

for women. Please support me to implement this IDEA



Thank you.

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Sapana Ranipa iOS Application Developer Rajkot, Gujarat, India
Suraindran Manoharan marketing/Apps developer ios/android malaysia email:
pratik a web + app designer and web developer Rajkot, gujarat, india

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