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Rural tourism

a startup idea shared by Priteesh Babu on 05/20/2017

Ahh..since this box says what problem i want to resolve&solution i suggest,let me be specific. Problem/Idea: My idea is developing Rural tourism. Why? 1)This has a huge untapped potential especially in our country (India)which carries huge geographical&cultural,economic,social etc diversity. 2)Young generation's zeal (i say very high)towards visiting villages,trying to mingle with scenic beauty they offer,cultural treasure it holds. More importantly they are tired of visiting the traditional tourist spots,what they look for are the places that are adventurous,exciting,unexplored,that take them to their roots. 3)Huge gap between necessity&availability of RT offering 4)It helps in exchange of cultures between urban & rural population 5)Empowering rural society by sharing technological knowledge that visitors bring in. 6)Empowering rural society thru economic gains by virtue of increased tourism. 7)Now the people from villages need not migrate to cities for employment as it brings various opportunities at their places.And many more.. :) But how??? Dear friends all who are interested please leave a message,let us meet over a cup of coffee & work out :-) Mob:+91-9177684870

Rural tourism

themed tourism


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