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Donatas Bagdonas wants to realize this 5 years ago
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Remove virtual currency friction

a startup idea shared by Saul Fleischman on 10/11/2014

Let user pay with choice of currency. Bitcoin and other virtual currencies, credit card, and perhaps earned credits in partnered services where people earn credits. Remember the user's preferred means of payment as default, provide pull-down for other options, and integrate well as a payment solution at point-of-purchase (gas stations, convenience stores, etc.) venues. Provide a nationless solution that easily gets access to the user's authorized payment services and wallets/accounts to allow the user pay with the resources he has, and in the way he likes to pay.





virtual currency

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Alex Levit Technology Leader & Developer Israel
Mir PublishingLlc developer Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA
Donatas Bagdonas Business developer, PM / Launch in EU Lithuania

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